The Future of Sales Is Rooted in Predictive Enablement™

Predictive Enablement™ is the ability to foresee the training, coaching, and ingrainment gaps, down to the individual skill, or stage in the sales process.

What causes the instant panic, uncertainty, and hesitation before a sales call? Likely, it’s because you realize that every call you make, if answered, is a high stakes encounter. You have limited opportunity to gain time, explain your value proposition, and engage your prospect or customer. What makes it harder? The ever changing landscape of the economy, your industry, and your product. The moment you feel comfortable with a talk track, it changes, alters, or shifts. The result is burned customer bridges, insecure sales reps, and unattained quotas.

What do we have at our disposal, today, to combat the lack of effectiveness that persists across GTM teams? Tools, training, coaching. Human equity. Limited windows of time with ever growing priority lists. And yet, with hundreds of resources to combat lackluster revenue results, the issue persists. Because something is missing. 

Understanding rep skill gaps, at scale, is impossible. And even if you could find a way to leverage data to uncover blockers to mastery, how would you fix it? How do you make it role specific? How do you make it specific to one person?

Enablement teams are lean, growth targets are ever increasing, and the pressure to perform increases daily as numbers aren’t met. Mastery requires practice. Knowing when and how your teams need to improve requires data. Data that prior to now, didn’t exist outside of guesses, subjectivity, and overwhelmed managers scrapping to listen to call recordings to find where their teams are missing the mark. And when you do uncover a learning opportunity, what’s the solution? More training? More hours in the day? One more unfocused and broadly encompassing coaching session?

What if you could proactively identify the skill and process gaps of each person in your org, and subsequently address them before those gaps impact your prospect, customer, and revenue? Enter Predictive Enablement™. 

Predictive Enablement™ is the ability to foresee the training, coaching, and ingrainment gaps, down to the individual skill, or stage in the sales process; for every customer facing employee at your organization. The critical mistakes that are about to erode trust and impact a customer. The critical mistakes that prevent your company from growing and achieving targets. The skills you’ve trained on again and again that still haven’t clicked. 

It relies on data, versus subjectivity and guessing, to proactively surface cracks in your go to market team's readiness, and creates a scalable platform to address those cracks in a way that’s comfortable, effective, and specific to each customer facing employee. One sized enablement has never been the solution, so it’s time to pivot. 

Picture a world where an AE has a high stakes negotiation call with a challenging buyer in the next week. Utilizing Predictive Enablement™, you can identify the call on their calendar, and outline the process, priorities and skills needed to achieve the end goal. You can then identify the skill gaps of the AE, based on their specific practice data of similar call types. You now have the power to know where they are about to make a mistake, and before they do, create a perfect practice environment to effectively close those gaps. Practice that exact call, with that exact type of buyer, until it achieves success. Now, your rep is ready to make that call; more confident than they have ever been.

What’s the company result when you deploy Predictive Enablement™? Higher performance, faster deal velocity, improved close rate, soaring employee morale, and surpassed revenue targets. 

The time is now. Welcome to Luster — the purpose built platform for harnessing the power of Predictive Enablement™.

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