Stop Retraining. Start Ingraining.

Built for sales reps by sales pros, Luster’s gamified practice environment makes sales training stick, speeds up adoption of skills, and unlocks true predictive enablement™ for organizations.

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SOC2 Compliant

Make Practicing Fun

Forget awkward and uncomfortable. Let your sales reps practice everything from prospecting and pitching to cold calls and follow-ups in a high-fidelity, safe environment that reflects their daily challenges and opportunities.

  • Safe space to practice freely
  • Sales data integrations to create hyper-realistic practice sessions
  • Real-time feedback within sessions

Double Down to Level Up With Skill Drills

Small, intentional bursts of practice to help reps grow. Whether your reps need extra practice handling objections or implementing a new sales methodology, Skill Drills improve team adaptability and speed up adoption of skills and training.

  • Skill-specific practice to improve selected areas
  • Gamified experience that’s engaging and fun for reps
  • Real-time feedback within Drills

Grow Rep Mastery With Coaching and Feedback

Save hundreds of hours for managers while ensuring reps receive hyper-specific feedback and coaching. Luster identifies skills gaps, strengths, and historical data and progress for reps so they can continue to improve, faster.

  • Individualized highlights, insights, and coaching
  • Skill gap analysis and pinpoint improvement areas
  • Session and Skill Drill recordings with overlaid insights

Predict and Correct Skill Gaps Before They Impact Your Customer

Get strategic about sales enablement. A holistic view into reps strengths and weaknesses informs what topics you need to focus on to win more deals.

  • Clear view of team practice areas including strengths and weaknesses
  • Suggestions on areas of improvement
  • Admin control
"As a high growth, remote first company, ShipBob faced significant challenges in replicating the organic and hands-on sales training experience of an in-office environment. When Luster came along, we knew this was exactly what we needed. Luster will allow our team to dive into real like sales scenarios, fine tune their sales skills by role playing with AI driven simulations rather than valuable existing prospects, and train our teams on the ever evolving product updates. We cannot wait to see the impact to our team’s confidence and skill set level up. Luster is going to change the game for ShipBob!"
"We knew we needed a solution to make our programs more effective, but traditional roleplaying was difficult and time consuming. With Luster, we're looking forward to implementing scalable and customizable roleplay experiences that will be engaging, fun and impactful without overtaxing our frontline leaders. Luster is exactly what we've been searching for!"
"I've built so many programs, hacking together various tools and guides in an attempt to create ways for reps to practice real-world scenarios. It takes so much time to administer and usually ends up being a one-size-fits-all approach — which we all know, isn't the best enablement approach. What Luster is doing is next-level and unlocks so many more possibilities that'll drive better outcomes for the field and for the business overall. It's not just another tool — the team truly understands enablement and has the deepest desire to bring greatness to the surface through Luster."

Let Your Sales Team’s Brilliance Shine

Perfecting practice starts with Luster. Get in touch to learn more.

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Safe and Secure

We’re SOC 2 compliant, and follow best practices such as end-to-end encryption, robust monitoring, and regular third party penetration testing.

  • SOC 2 Compliant
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Third Party Penetration Testing