Perfect Practice. Sales Brilliance.

A scalable, gamified alternative to traditional role playing that makes all the effort you put into sales training worth it.

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Say Hello to Predictive Enablement

What if you could foresee the training, coaching, and ingrainment gaps down to the individual skill or stage in the sales process before it ever impacts a deal? Enter the era of predictive enablement™. With Luster, you can take a proactive, data-driven approach to enablement so your team can practice and refine the relevant skills that lead to higher performance, faster deal velocity, and surpassed revenue targets.

Why Simulated Practice Environments?

  • Safe space allows reps to practice freely
  • Gamified experiences engage reps
  • Scalable solution that frees up managers' time reviewing and coaching
  • Consistent practice amplifies sales training

Custom Built for Sales, From Onboarding to Everboarding

Whether it’s ramping up new reps, successfully selling to a new market, or growing individual skill gaps, speed up adoption of skills and training for your sales team with Luster.

Explore the Product

Simulated Practice Environments

Safe space for reps to practice pitches with hyper-realistic customer simulations.

Skill Drills

Targeted drill that gives users repetitions at specific skill development.

Individual Analytics

Real-time coaching and analytics for reps to get better, faster.

Team Dashboards

Data to inform sales enablement strategies through team analytics.

Let Your Sales Team’s Brilliance Shine

Perfecting practice starts with Luster. Get in touch to learn more.

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Safe and Secure

We’re SOC 2 compliant, and follow best practices such as end-to-end encryption, robust monitoring, and regular third party penetration testing.

  • SOC 2 Compliant
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