Luster Revolutionizes Sales Practice with First AI-Powered Predictive Enablement™ Technology

Proprietary Technology Uses Hyper-Realistic Practice Simulations, Skill Drills and Data-Driven Insights to Identify and Bridge Skill Gaps Before Impacting Sales Performance

INDIANAPOLIS (June 26, 2024) Luster, the first AI-powered Predictive Enablement™ technology, announces its official launch today. Powered by Luster’s proprietary generative AI discourse engine, the groundbreaking technology is poised to revolutionize sales practice, skill mastery, and performance.

Developed by sales professionals who have experienced challenges with traditional practice methods first-hand, Luster is the first technology to deliver hyper-realistic practice simulations, skill drills and data-driven insights designed to proactively identify and close sellers’ skill gaps before they impact sales performance and revenue.

Backed by High Alpha, a leading venture capital firm that creates and funds B2B SaaS companies, Luster is led by CEO and Co-Founder Christina Brady, a sales and enablement expert with deep SaaS sales knowledge and nearly two decades of experience serving in senior roles at Spekit, Sales Assembly, Glassdoor and Groupon. She’s joined by Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Jodi Mesa, a development leader with experience building products for world-class technology companies such as Spekit and Ibotta; and Head of Business Operations and Customer Success and Co-Founder Wes Craig, a fellow go-to-market expert who has led product marketing and customer engagement for startups and notable companies such as High Alpha and Deloitte.

"With Luster, sales teams can finally stop practicing on their customers," said Christina Brady, CEO and Co-Founder of Luster. "Until now, practice was only possible through person-to-person role-play or live prospect and customer calls, which meant sales teams had to practice on their customers or with others who couldn't provide impactful feedback. Our proprietary Predictive Enablement™ technology is uniquely positioned to solve this problem. Luster not only predicts and closes individual skill gaps, enabling sales teams to sell better and faster, but it also provides quantifiable ROI for sales leaders to measure the impact of their training."

Key features include:

  • Personalized AI-Simulated Practice Environments: Luster uses advanced AI to create hyper-realistic practice scenarios for each sales stage, buyer persona and deal size in a safe, engaging and fun environment, boosting sellers’ confidence and enablingsales teams to sell better and faster.
  • Skill Drills: Focused practice sessions in which sales representatives rapidly hone skills like objection handling, value proposition delivery, and discovery with specific personas, on-demand with immediate feedback.
  • Rep & Team Level Insights: Skill proficiencies and deficiencies are surfaced in real-time as they evolve, giving sales and enablement leaders visibility into the proficiency of their teams. This allows leaders to more efficiently and effectively target coaching and enablement strategies, as well as measure enablement ROI.

“Sales skills are the atomic unit of business performance. They make the difference between getting the meeting or not, closing the deal or not, separating from the competition or not, hitting quota or not, and, ultimately, business success or not. Yet sales skill measurement and development have been notoriously painful and difficult for sales and enablement leaders,” said Mike Langellier, Partner at High Alpha. “Thanks to recent advancements in technology and this remarkable team, Luster is empowering reps, sales managers, and enablement leaders in ways not previously possible. And we’re thrilled at High Alpha to be backing the venture.”

With early customers including ShipBob, Go1 and Bazaarvoice, Luster is enabling the world’s most skilled sales teams with practice that’s scalable, personalized, engaging and impactful.

“As a high-growth, remote-first company, ShipBob faced significant challenges in replicating the organic and hands-on sales training experience of an in-office environment,” said Marina Golemis, SVP North American Sales at ShipBob. “Luster will allow our team to dive into real-life sales scenarios, fine-tune their sales skills by role-playing with AI-driven simulations rather than valuable existing prospects, and train our teams on new product updates. We cannot wait to see the impact on our team’s confidence and skills."

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About Luster AI
Revolutionizing SaaS sales learning, Luster is the first sales practice tool to address the critical problem of sales skill gaps with Predictive Enablement™ technology. Using gamified AI, Luster provides custom simulated practice environments and skill drills to provide data-driven insights that predict sales skill gaps before they impact sales performance. By combining deep sales expertise with advanced technology, Luster drives measurable improvements in performance and customer outcomes. For more information, visit or follow Luster on LinkedIn.

About High Alpha
High Alpha creates, launches, scales and invests in exceptional enterprise SaaS companies across North America. The High Alpha portfolio of over 90 companies includes leading SaaS companies like, Attentive, Authenticx, SalesLoft, Zylo, Logicgate and more. For more information, visit or follow @highalpha.

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